Self Care Gifts is a love-filled shop featuring handmade items crafted for your wellbeing. We are teeny-tiny in scale but mighty in heart!

Our mantra: Thoughtful giving for healthy living.

Created by passionate self-care advocate and coach, Melissa Steginus, the SCG shop guarantees purpose and intention. All products are made with care for your care.

Here at Self Care Gifts, our wish is for our products to evoke awareness, connection, and gratitude. We value ethical products that promote empowerment, sustainability, and intentional gift-giving.

We partner with artisans around the world (with most located in India) for high-quality, natural beads. The majority of our materials have been blessed by monks to give you and your loved ones the best karma with your purchase.

Self-care is a personal investment (and therefore yours to define based on your needs and desires).


For our team at SCG, self-care is what keeps us fueled to do what we need to do.  


Let's be real: life can be wild. Busy, chaotic, unpredictable, and downright tough. We often lose ourselves in our roles, responsibilities, goals, and so on.


Very rarely are we attentive to ourselves.


That's where self-care comes in. Self-care draws the focus back to the present and the person (hey, that's you!).


Please remember that you too are a gift to be cared for. We hope that your Self Care Gift will be a constant reminder to slow down, be present, and practice love.

Our products are designed to spark little reminders to invest in yourself. And when you give a Self Care Gift to someone else, you remind them that they too deserve a little self-investment and self-love.


Your purchase also sustains the livelihoods of the artisans we work with (as well as our own!). The greater the investment in SCG products, the more time, energy, and resources we're able to re-invest into our shop.


Your financial investment and positive reviews help us expand not only expanding our shop but also in growing and sharing our passion of teaching self-care to others.


Needless to say, we are truly grateful that you're here.



May you give with care, grow with purpose, and always live in love.